19 October 2016

I'm dreaming of a white (and blue) Christmas

far la la la la ... yes well that's enough of that racket singing is really not one of my strong points.

So hello my lovelies I hope you are all well.  October is a busy month for our household what with my son's birthday at the beginning, my daughter's next week and my son has also been away for a week with the school to Belgium so really chasing my tail this month but it's all good fun!

Okay so the other day I was having a bit of sort out in my craft room and came across a folder full of Kanban Christmas toppers and things.  I thought to myself I haven't used one of these in a while which is an absolute shame as they are beautiful but anyway I decided to make another Bookatrix card.  The toppers set the scene and everything was decided around the topper colour scheme really and with a couple of silver accents and some pretty embellishments it all came together very easily ... don't you just love it when that happens.

I even made a presentation box for it to go in as it's really quite a large card.  

I really enjoyed making this and have left my folder of toppers out as I think I will be making a few more of these.  I fancy a more traditional style next so a bit of red and green I think and to Bookatrix or not to Bookatrix haven't decided that one yet ooh or maybe an easel card box haven't made one of those for a long time either.  Oh my so many options I swear that's what takes me the longest to do - actually make a decision of what to make or use.  Jeez the life of a crafter - never easy!!!

Right that's all from me tonight folks.  I hope wherever you are you're managing to squeeze in a little crafty time.

Take care. 

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Elaine said...

Beautiful x