24 January 2010

Leanns Valentine candy

Just a quick stop from me today to say that Leann has some gorgeous Valentine candy up for grabs so pop on over and have a peek. She also made a little gift bag to pop it all in and a stunning card that you get with the candy which is just beautiful. So go have a little looksy on her blog trust me you will be inspired and she makes me chuckle with her posts as well.
Well thats it from me for now, told you I would be quick didn't I, no waffling from me today. Take care folks, happy Sunday to you all.

22 January 2010

Yes I'm still around and Jacqui's WOJ candy

Hi everyone, gosh has it been that long since my last post what a bad blogger I am, sorry guys. Its just that before Christmas my hubby made a passing comment about how I am always sat in the kitchen at the dining table crafting away and was there any chance we would actually spend some time together in the same room over crimbo (and obviously was there any chance of having the table back!). Now he wasnt being off with me in fact it was a little joke but it did make me stop and think about how obsessive I can be with my crafting so I made myself a little promise that I would not do any crafting over Christmas. In fact I am quite proud of myself I packed everything away and I mean EVERYTHING and I didnt touch it once, that was until I picked up a copic last week when I had to make a card for my auntie's birthday and that was that I've been at the kitchen table every night since!! So really this is just to let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the planet and I will no doubt have something to show you soon.

Anyway, whilst I am here I want to let you know about some scrummy WOJ candy that Jacqui has up for grabs here. For those of you who pop in on Jacqui you will know how delish her creations are but if you haven't before spend a little time having a look at her fabulous creations I promise you you will leave her blog truly inspired I know I always do.

Well thats it from me at the moment my son keeps shooting me daggers as I think I promised him a drink about half hour ago!!!

Take care folks, have a happy day and enjoy your weekend.