30 November 2009

"Jingle Bells"

Evening everyone, I hope you all have had a fab day. Today has been good I got to finish my little project for my auntie and the weather has turned all crisp and cold just love it really feels like Christmas is on its way.

Well I wont subject you to one of my waffling posts (did you hear that - everyone sighed relief in unison!) so this is my advent calender for my auntie.
This is the top of my advent. The image is a Sugar Nellie called "Jingle Bells" and I have coloured it with copics. I eventually found some excellent card to use with my copics thanks to Elaine at Quixotic Paperie who let me know what she uses and pointed me in the right direction, thank you so much Elaine I now no longer have withdrawal symptoms and I can colour to my hearts content.
This is one of the sides. The little squares you can see with the wreath and the "Merry Christmas" are toppers from Flowersoft and I'd added green flowersoft and red stickles for the berries.
I do apologise for the picture quality, I'm definately no photographer even with a half decent camera I can still bodge the shot, but you can get the jist of it hopefully with these couple of pics. I so enjoyed doing this I just wish I has started a little sooner and made a few more, but hey I'll start in January for next Christmas and maybe I'll have enough for all my family. Best start collecting the little matchboxes now as there is no way I'm going in and asking for 100's of matchboxes as they'll think I'm an arsonist!
Right, I'm off now got some Christmas decs to put up. Got to start with the tree in the porch and then I think I'll move on to the one in the conservatory, yes we have five in our house (that includes the kiddies ones in their rooms), so best get cracking.
Take care guys, have a good evening and I'll speak to you soon.

28 November 2009

At last!

Hi folks hope you're all having a fab weekend. Hope the weather is better where you are its been dreadful here so wet and windy.

Anyway, I've finally got around to finishing of my first easel card. I've had my coloured Tilda hanging around for at least a week but I had a project I needed to finish for my mum. She wanted a 30th anniversary card she said but supplied me with a whole heap of photos and asked if I could use them, so what started off as a card turned more into a mini scrapbook, but its done now but thought I best not show it as they were private photos and I hadn't asked permission and some peeps can be a bit funny about these things, but hey I was so proud of it. Gosh there's no shutting me up is there I'm being a right old waffler. Anyway here's my little creation and for my first attempt at one of these cards I'm really quite chuffed with it.

The oval behind Tilda started off as a normal oval - didn't like that so I got out my Fiskers fancy scissors and cut around it to give it a fancy edge then thought hey I'll ink it up, well what a mistake to make - as I've said before me and distressing just don't mix and what a mess it turned out, so the border you now see around the oval is masking my mess and all I did was punch out loads of little snowflakes from pink glitter card and stick them all on, but I think it turned out quite well eventually. Added some bling and got out the old stickles (which the camera hasn't picked up) and voila. Oh its sat on its own little box too.
Well I'm off now I'm in the middle of making an advent calender out of matchboxes which I first saw on Debby's fab blog here and I just had to have a go. Check out the rest of her creations they're so beautiful and they always inspire me. So all being well that should be the next thing to show you.
Wherever you are have a great weekend. Take care all.

26 November 2009

Fab candy and an award!

Hi folks, guess what I have an award, yes thats right little old me has an award and my first at that, all thanks to Mandy at A Sprinkling of Glitter. Thanks sweetie I'm chuffed to bits you've made my day. Mandy also has some yummy scrummy candy up for grabs so pop on over and have a look and whilst there have a little looksy at her creations she is very talented and they are gorgeous. Right now this award has lots of questions so take a deep breath and here goes:-

1. Where is your cell phone? - coat pocket

2. Hair? - brown

3. Mother? - never far away

4. Father? - not that close

5. Favourite food? - Thai

6. Dream last night? - dont know (didnt get much sleep anyway, we have poorly house this week!)

7. Favourite drink? - Jack Daniels

8. Dream goal? - 24 hr crafting!!!

9. What room are you in? - Kitchen/conservatory

10. Your hobby? - crafting OF COURSE

11. Your fear? - dying young

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years time? - my own craft room!

13. Where were you last night? - home

14. Something you aren't? - miserable

15. Muffins? - christmas ones from my local baker, yum!

16. Wishlist item? - craft room

17. Where did you grow up? Bransgore/New Milton (in the New Forest)

18. Last thing you did? hoover

19. What are you wearing? - my coat (just going down the school to pick up son)

20. Your tv? - not mine its hubby's apparently!!!! buts its a Samsung

21. Your pets? none

22. Your friends? - mad like me

23. Your life? - content

24. Your mood? - happy

25. Missing someone? - my grandad

26. Vehicle? - don't drive

27. Something you're not wearing? makeup

28. Your favourite store? - Next

29. Your favourite colour? - Red

30. Last time you laughed? - just now

31. Last time you cried? - a couple of days ago

32. Your best friend? - my hubby

33. One place you go to over and over? - my purse!

34. Person who e-mails you regularly? - my mate from where I used to work

35. Favourite place to eat? - Thai restaurant

36. Facebook? - occasionally

Phew! I've done it that got the old wheels turning. Not very exciting answers I know and I couldn't stick to the one word answers either, but you know a little more about me anyway. Right, gotta dash my son has a friend home for tea and it sounds like they're destroying the place upstairs so I'm off to rule with an iron hand (not that they listen to me!!!).

I know I'm meant to pass this on to fellow blogging buddies but as usual I'm late with posting mine and I think most of my fellow blogging buds have already had it, so if you've popped on here and it hasn't made its way to you yet then please by all means take it and post on your blog and I'll pop in to be nosey. I like being nosey he he!!!

Well take care you guys and I hope its a happy day where you are. I'm in the process of putting together a Crimbo card so should hopefully see you soon.

Take care for now.



23 November 2009

Jacque's Joie de Vivre sweet candy

Hi all, just a quick stop by to tell you all about the fab candy that Jacque is kindly offering to one lucky winner. Pop on over here to find out how to be in with a chance of winning. If you read the post carefully you will see that Belles 'n Whistles is having a blog hop to celebrate the release of the new Elisabeth Bell 2nd release christmas stamps and they are adorable. So pop on over to find out all the info and check out Jacque's blog whilst there as it is amazing.

Take care.

11 November 2009

Just a quickie

Hi everyone. Hope you are all in fine form and having a happy Wednesday so far.

I've only done a quickie card today as I've ran out of my card which I stamp on and colour with my copics, I know I know bad organisation, but hey I've never been one for being organised you just need to look at my craft stash to find that out. So its my own fault but I still don't feel any better - I'm having withdrawal symptoms from stamping and colouring!

Anyway, heres my card. I've done a bookatrix this time and I've used nice and easy die cuts from Kanban. A fellow blogger said she always feels like she's cheating if its not stamped or coloured I know where she's coming from I feel the same but when needs must and you're behind with the Crimbo cards they're a godsend.
I think I need to take photography lessons either that or get a decent camera. My piccies just never seem to be to the same standard as you fellow bloggers, so I apologise for the poor quality.
If you look very closely there is a little "Joy" charm dangling from the top ribbon and I have added some bling. The sentiment is an old one I found whilst having a rummage around in my stash it is from HOTP. I just left it plain as I thought it fitted in with the scheme of the card as is.
Anyway, thats it from me. Take care all and enjoy rest of the evening.
Take care

10 November 2009

Bev's Whiff of Joy candy

Bev has more candy on offer here. Nip on over and have a ganders she is giving away some gorgeous goodies, thank you Bev for the chance. Don't forget to have a nosey around her blog at some of her creations whilst you are there believe me she is very talented and her creations are beautiful. So pop on over and have a look and enter for a chance of winning.

Take care.

9 November 2009

Debbie's Delicious Candy

Debbie over at Passion for Crafts is celebrating the fact that she has been blogging for around 17 months now and her counter has reached over 200,000 hits what an achievement, well done Debbie. It is no surprise though as if you take the time to have a browse around her blog you will understand why. She is such a talented lady and all of her creations are simply stunning and I always come away feeling inspired. She is celebrating by giving away some amazing candy, thank you for the opportunity to enter and thank you for all the inspiration you give.

Thats it for now folks will hopefully have some things to show you soon.

Take care

5 November 2009

Any copic users I need help!!!!

Hi to all you wonderful peeps. I haven't been around much lately but I managed to grab myself a little crafty time this morning whilst my little one was at school. However a while back I realised I had used up all of my white card that I had been stamping on and colouring with my copics. Now I can't for the life of me remember where I got it or what sort it was all I know was that it was perfect for copics. I have been trying all different types of card since but to no avail. I must admit I am getting quite frustrated. My last effort was some executive card from Tesco which I've just tried and found that it bleeds. All of the card I seem to try bleeds quite badly I've even tried Bristol Board as I thought I read somewhere on some forum that it was okay, but no that bleeds too.

Now am I doing something wrong, I know that I don't really need to be put too much ink down on the paper but find when I blend with three or more colours its quite hard. Now some images I can rescue as I will cut them out and mount but I'm a lazy crafter and will soon get fed up with cutting every image out. So can anyone help me - is there something I'm doing drastically wrong or can anyone recommend some card to use that won't bleed (and is available in the UK). Any ideas would be very gratefully received.

Thank you guys for any help you may send my way. Now if you're doing bonfires and fireworks tonight I hope you have a great time and that the rain stays away for you. We're having a family get together on Saturday which should be great fun and the kiddies are so looking forward to it so fingers crossed it stays dry!!

Bye for now. Take care.