5 November 2009

Any copic users I need help!!!!

Hi to all you wonderful peeps. I haven't been around much lately but I managed to grab myself a little crafty time this morning whilst my little one was at school. However a while back I realised I had used up all of my white card that I had been stamping on and colouring with my copics. Now I can't for the life of me remember where I got it or what sort it was all I know was that it was perfect for copics. I have been trying all different types of card since but to no avail. I must admit I am getting quite frustrated. My last effort was some executive card from Tesco which I've just tried and found that it bleeds. All of the card I seem to try bleeds quite badly I've even tried Bristol Board as I thought I read somewhere on some forum that it was okay, but no that bleeds too.

Now am I doing something wrong, I know that I don't really need to be put too much ink down on the paper but find when I blend with three or more colours its quite hard. Now some images I can rescue as I will cut them out and mount but I'm a lazy crafter and will soon get fed up with cutting every image out. So can anyone help me - is there something I'm doing drastically wrong or can anyone recommend some card to use that won't bleed (and is available in the UK). Any ideas would be very gratefully received.

Thank you guys for any help you may send my way. Now if you're doing bonfires and fireworks tonight I hope you have a great time and that the rain stays away for you. We're having a family get together on Saturday which should be great fun and the kiddies are so looking forward to it so fingers crossed it stays dry!!

Bye for now. Take care.

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  1. Sorry hun I've never used copics so I wouldn't have a clue.
    Elaine from quixotic paperie is a huge copic fan I think they are all she uses so Elaine would definately know. Elaine's email is on her blog or shop blog, possibly both, she's always really helpful. Incase you can't find her look in Wednesdays challenges on my blog Quixotic have just started a challenge blog. Sorry I can't be more helpful and have a fab time at the weekend
    hugs Mandy xx