30 August 2009

Me again!

So okay I said I was going, but I've just gone back on to check everything posted okay. Not sure what I am doing wrong but it looks like my line spacing is all over the place and how on earth do you include a link in your post like I see so many other peeps do. Any comments and advice on posting would be gratefully appreciated. I'm sure its very simple but I can be incredibly dense at times!!!! Bye for now.


1 comment:

  1. hi hun, to add a link in your post... highlight the words you want linked... and in the tool bar at the top you should see a image of a world with a chain link on it... (if you have the updated version of edit on blogger it will say link... ) click this and a box will appear copy the url or just type it in if you know it...of what you want linked and paste it in the box.. and click insert.or ok on the updated version.. thats it..
    Hope that makes sence.xxxx