27 February 2012

My Cuttlebug is poorly!!

Hi all, just a brief one from me.  I was in the middle of making my latest card and was putting something through the Bug when the damn thing made an almighty noise and the side literally shot off.  Thinking about it now it was quite funny but it didnt half make me jump and I guess I must have been trying to put too much through although it wasnt many layers and I've done it before so perhaps it was on its last legs. 

Anyway, the reason why I'm here is I can't live without some sort of diecutting machine but have been thinking about changing to say maybe the Grand Calibur or a Big Shot.  It is obviously a considered purchase or do I just get a second hand Bug off e-bay at a fraction of the price.  What do you have folks?  At this moment I'm veering towards a new machine just so I can have the larger dies.

Take care.



  1. Hi Ann Marie......hope you are well. I have recently switched to the Big Shot from the bug and love it...it seems more sold somehow. Takes up more space as it doesn't fold it but I am happy overall. Check Out Craft Superstore they had them on offer. I would love the Grand Calibur but thought that's just a whole new lot of dies too.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs Sally xx

  2. The Grand Calibur doesn't allow you to use all the different makers of dies. I've recently changed to a Big Shot.

  3. Hi Ann Marie
    Having had both the cuttlebug and a big shot I would definitely recommend the big shot. It takes up a little more space as it doesn't fold up but because of its wider "wheel-base" it doesn't move about so much either. Besides, it's prettier!!
    Hope this is of some help.
    Caz x

  4. I got a GC for xmas, and am not so fussed with it as I thought I would be. My bug is still firmly placed on my desk and my 'go to' die cutter.

    The GC will only be used for larger dies (if I get some) and multi cutting which is why it appealed to me.

    I have had my bug for 2 years and always been happy with the results, it feels quick and easy and doesnt take up much room. I have put the GC to the side as I kept finding whatever I cut with it needed 2 passes (intricate dies) and by the time it had reached the other side before I could cut it twice the paper pops out and they dies move around. Just my opinion, but I feel I could live without my GC, but I couldnt live without my bug :)

    I also cant get the GC to stick down and yet my bug doesnt move at all on the same surface. It feels a more laborious process, and like Debbie says, if you have any Tim Holtz dies etc, they wont work at all on the GC.

    Is there anywhere close by you could try one first?