13 November 2011

Look at what my hubby made me!!!!

Hi all, just a quick one from me on this most glorious Sunday morning, it really is beautiful outside today and the kiddies are out making the most of it.  Anyway just wanted to pop on here and show you what my fabtastic hubby decided to make me.  I think he got fed up of all my pens lying around everywhere and me bleating on about how useful it would be to have somewhere to store them all.  I showed him a few piccies from some I'd seen around, all very lovely but quite pricey.  Anyway he took a few measurements and off he went to his garage and voila a day later and I have this and I just love it.  Its exactly what I was after.  Its only made out of 12 mm MDF and my hubby says its not perfect as it was all hand cut and not machine cut but its perfect to me.  I will be decorating it and make it look all pretty but I just couldn't wait to get my pens in.

Please excuse the tiles hanging off the wall behind but we cleared out the small room downstairs that used to be our old kitchen before we moved it and it has yet to be decorated.  It will be my own craft room YIPPEE no more crafting on the kitchen table!!! I feel a trip to Ikea coming on but I think that will be something for the new year. 

Anyway, folks I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.  Take care.

Ann-Marie xxx

P.S. I would love to know how to tweak my photos and perhaps make them bigger.  Any tips would be most appreciated. 

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  1. Fabulous storage unit! I would love something like that for my copics but my hubby does not do DIY!. Does your hubby take orders?!?! Enjoy your new craft room when complete. I'm hoping to go to IKEA in the New Year too to reorganise my craft room.
    Sarah xx :0)