2 December 2009

One down, four to go!

Yep, thats Christmas trees I'm talking about. If I could fit more in the house I would but as it is I have to rearrange furniture in a couple of rooms to fit what I have in, the bigger the tree the better and as many decs as I can possibly fit on the branches otherwise I'm not happy.

I tend to decorate late at night as it annoys my hubby no end to watch me to and froing moving one bauble here and then there until I'm happy with it and if I threaten to attempt some tree trimming during the day well you know its funny he always manages to forget something from the hardware store down the road just so he can get out LOL!!

Well I've done the tree that goes on our wall in the porch. Now if I'm honest there are not enough decs on there for my liking but I have four other trees to trim so I don't want to use all the baubles on the first one, but if I end up with any left over thats where they will be going.

I'm listening to Christmas songs and debating which decs to attempt next. All I need now is a glass of mulled wine (or two)!!

Take care folks and festival jollities to you all.




  1. Hun it looks beautiful, you sound just like me with the fussing around over each bauble, we've got 4 up, 1 to go in my bedroom. I just need some Christmas spirit this year I usually have everything wrapped, written, turkey in the freezer etc by now by I am so behind this year I can't get into it, HELP lol
    hugs Mandy xx

  2. Wow Anne Marie...five trees!!! my hubby just about puts up with me fussing over two of them! he is a bit 'bah humbug' but that's down to being a retail manager for over 25 years!! he has to love it living with me although i don't put mine up until the second weekend in December otherwise he would have a fit!!

    Carol x