8 September 2009

Double Trouble!

Hi my fellow bloggers, hope you all have had a good Monday. Well it has been a little quieter here today as one half of my motley crew when back to school. Here's a quick piccie of Luke before he went to school this morning. It doesnt seem possible that my little boy is now in year 3.

Well he thoroughly enjoyed his day. My other little one though is a different kettle of fish, she is in denial at the moment that she will be going back to preschool on Wednesday, so I am not looking forward to it. I can't bear the thought of having to leave her there if she doesnt want to go, but I mustn't make a scene, I will be a big girl and just get on with it. Help!

Sorry I haven't done a card today, but I will leave you with one last piccie before I go. Hope you don't mind.

They were playing cowboys here. Emilie is such a little tomboy but thats having a big brother for you!

Well I'll catch up soon. Hope you all have a good Tuesday and manage to get some crafty time in. I'll will be trying my hardest to get some time in.




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  1. bless then they look like they keep you busy lol, hope lukes day went ok. my oliver is due to start pre school next month (a welcome break for me lol) not sure how he will react but like you say be strong show no fear lol xx