16 July 2016

Coral Anniversary

Good morning my lovelies and what a fine one it is here to (at the moment!).  I am not working today so if all goes to plan I am hoping to have a bit of a crafty session as I have a fair few things I need to get finished.  

Anyway, I was asked to make a 35th wedding anniversary card so decided on a bookatrix card as I always find these look very effective and are perfect for such a special occasion.  This time though once it was made I decided to actually score and make a larger card base and stick the bookatrix card on it so you can open it up like a normal card and write your message.  So here come a few piccies for you:-

I did make and decorate a presentation box for it to go in as well but as I was in such a rush to photograph it before it was collected I forgot to take piccies.

Right time for me to go.  Hubby just left for work with my son and my little girl is stirring upstairs so if I'm quick I may get some colouring done before she descends on me!!

Take care folks and happy crafting.


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Elaine said...

Beautiful x