23 September 2016


Yes you've guessed it ... another Halloween project to share with you today.  Again I've used the free cd rom that came with Issue 11 of Crafters Inspiration from Crafters Companion.  You know I've found creating for Halloween a doddle with the goodies that are on the cd.

So what did I make?  I've had a few of these large empty jars hanging around for a while actually I think they were coffee jars and if you're like me you keep these things as you know one day they'll come in handy.  Well now I've used one of them to make myself a little decorated Halloween jar to put lights in.

Lace, ribbon and battery lights from stash

I wasn't sure it would work but I love how it turned out.  I just printed the images and paper off on the printable vellum, cut out what I wanted and then pasted it on with a weaker solution of the glue.  This jar is for me although my daughter seems to think she needs to claim it for her room so I'll probably end up making another!!!

Okay that's all from me today.  I'm in the middle of making a card so hopefully it won't be too long before I pop back with something to share with you again.

Take care folks and I hope you have a happy and creative weekend.


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