17 November 2010

HELP! - anyone out there I need advice on which pencils to go for

Hi folks, just a very quick one from me today, my hubby has just let drop a very huge hint that Father Christmas may be kind to me this year and get me a set of pencils. Now I have seen some amazing colouring in blogland with both Prismacolors and also Polychromos (and he's obviously very tired of hearing me mention the fact and in the hope that it may shut me up!!!). Obviously never having used either of these before I don't know the pros and cons for either of them so would very much appreciate any comments or advice you can give me so that I can leave a subtle hint as to which I would like.

Any advice is gratefully received. Many thanks guys, take care everyone.



  1. I've just had a look at your cards and your colouring is brilliant so what are you using at the moment.
    If you still want to go for pencils, then prismacolors are best but they are so fragile, polychromos doesn't blend as well but don't break so often.

  2. Hi hun, I looked into this back along as I was going to treat myself to a set but didn't know which ones. I would buy a couple of each to test and find which you prefer, and if you google "Prismas v Polychromos" you can read other peoples reviews who have used both
    hugs Mandy xx

  3. Hi Anne-Marie. Hope you are well and don't have too much snow. I have something for you on my blog. Donna